Meet The Team

Headshot of Dave Friedrichs

Dave Friedrichs

Founder and owner of Homeland Solar. A licensed builder since 1990 and Certified Green Professional with NAHB, Dave formed Homeland Builders to deploy renewable energy (RE) and work on energy efficiency (EE) with a Michigan focus. The team he assembled shifted its focus to solar in 2008-2009 while continuing to help adapt and adopt sustainable technologies, build owner-equity and emphasize affordability for people and the planet. Dave’s background is in asset management (CPM), cooperative banking (NCB) and operations management. He has a degree in economics (MSU), has studied in Brasil and at UW and led Habitat for Humanity builds (internationally and locally).

Headshot of Mark Dorogi

Mark Dorogi

Founder and owner of Homeland Solar and an engineer and production manager by education and experience. He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Physics from Cornell University and came to Michigan with Philips Electronics in 1989. His interest in renewable energy and the potential of new start-ups kept him in the area after Philips left. Mark also has 5-years’ experience as a research and development engineer for a manufacturer of thin-film solar panels. He has designed hundreds of solar PV (photovoltaic) systems for Homeland and has directed the vast majority of the company’s installations. Obiwan Dorogi to friends!

Headshot of Darin Rowe

Darin Rowe

Production & installation manager for Homeland Solar and provides hands-on decision-making with a quality of work emphasis based on his many years in repairs, building care and skilled trades oversight. A lifelong Washtenaw County resident, Darin is tasked with helping achieve annual service goals and ensuring high quality results for all customers.

Headshot of James Mack McMahan II

James (Mack) McMahan II

Co-leads solar installation teams for Homeland. Since 2014 Mack has assisted in all aspects of solar system installation. In addition to dozens ground-mounted PV arrays, Mack has installed over 100 roof-mounted solar systems, assisted licensed builders in their structural work as well as licensed electricians in their wiring.

Larry Staff Photo

Larry Kerber

Larry Kerber has over 5 years of solar experience, starting with a solar assessment certificate from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. Larry has extensive experience doing solar design and financial feasibility, including electric rate structures, solar taxation, solar regulatory policy, and financial metrics. Larry has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).

Headshot of Linda McFaul

Linda McFaul

Project coordinator for Homeland Solar. facilitates project engineers in permitting, grid-tie arrangements and timeline management for key tasks. Over 10-years’ experience as an engineering technician and production operator for PV manufacturers including production supervision. She completed her Bachelor’s degree work in Industrial and Systems Engineering at UM Dearborn.