Energy Savings Are Within Your Reach

With the sun as a free source of power, you can produce your own clean energy at less cost than buying from your electric utility. A combination of solar cost reductions, federal tax credits, and advances in solar panel efficiency has made solar energy the best way to save money on your utility bills.

Homeland Solar is a company of dedicated Ann Arbor, Michigan professionals and installers with extensive experience in designing, engineering, and building solar energy systems. Our mission is to help businesses, home owners, farmers, places of worship, and non-profits own their own power and enjoy freedom from ever-increasing utility rates.

At Homeland Solar, we are committed to working with you to plan and implement solutions to meet your energy needs. Optimizing energy use through quality installation with smart location, optimum design, and rate planning sets Homeland apart.

Homeland Solar has over 12 years of experience installing solar energy systems for businesses, houses of worship, private homes and non-profits. Our experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes Homeland Solar your best value in solar energy




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