Energy Solutions: Commercial • Residential • Public/Government • Non-profit

Why Homeland Solar

Homeland Solar is a Michigan company of professionals with decades of experience in building, engineering and project management. Homeland’s mission is to help individuals and organizations, public and private, commercial and residential to take maximum advantage of clean, renewable solar energy. 

At Homeland, we are committed to working with you to identify and implement solutions for your energy needs. Optimizing energy use through smart location, design and organizational planning is Homeland Solar’s specialty.

We can also work with you to secure the right kind of financing for your energy project to take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit.

Whether for individual or organizational use, a solar system exists for you. Homeland Solar has installed solar energy systems for commercial businesses, houses of worship, private homes and public non-profits.

Why not for you?

To get started fill out the Free Solar Quote form for residential, commercial, public/government or non-profit. Or call us at 844-9-own-sun (844-969-6786).