Energy Solutions: Municipal • Commercial • Residential

Carl Sagan:

image001“Our lovely blue planet, the Earth, is the only home we know.”






Hermann Scheer:

Scheer_HermannRenewable Energy Act was one of my initiatives…we mobilized the measure in the (German) Parliament (giving) investment autonomy to all who invest in renewables. (The) Law for the Priority of Renewable Energies constituted a special renewable energy market (and gave) priority (to) three elements: (1) guaranteed access to the grid for (any and) all kilowatt hour produced by renewables (regardless) of who produced it; (2) a guaranteed fee (price per kWh sourced from a renewable) because without that, there would be no investment security; (3) no cap (on how much could be generated from renewables).  This created investment autonomy… and in the run of ten years…investments of 45,000 megawatts of renewables.

This interview with Hermann Scheer is well worth the time to watch.


Stan Ovshinsky:

Ovshinsky_StanA lifetime of researching ways to wean civilization off carbon-emitting fossil fuels resulted in the nickel-metal hydride battery used to power today’s hybrid vehicles and in flexible solar panels that are gaining popularity in the building-integrated photovoltaic market.