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Clarklake Rural Home Solar


  • ample south-facing open space allows for ground-mounted racking
  • post pre-set in ballast blocks – and able to be manually adjusted (seasonal option for owner to increase power 5{340979c41615f915c8d80adb94515fac867786c73ad897a341db9caaf3beb0a4} +/- )
  • 19.04 kW solar PV system in Michigan is expected to generate close to 24,000 kWh per year
  • 68 solar panels, each 280W mono-crystalline silicon with 25-year manufacturer’s power/output warranty (80{340979c41615f915c8d80adb94515fac867786c73ad897a341db9caaf3beb0a4} of new)
  • 68 power optimizers for MPPT and per panel data monitoring
  • for grid-tie (local utility back-up when no sun), this system uses two DC-to-AC inverters, one 10 kW and one 7.6 kW.

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