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Rooftop solar PV adds to Passive Solar ugrade


  • upgrade to high efficiency furnace made chimney removal possible & relocation of other roof vents for easy accommodation of solar panels;
  • south-facing windows required protection from summer sun (heat);
  • adding four feet to existing 2′ overhang makes for Passive Solar addition and increases roof space for solar PV;
  • 34 panels placed on new shingles (also completed by Homeland) for total of  9.69 kW solar PV system capable of 12,000 kWh in annual output (savings);
  • 34 (individual module) power optimizers installed to optimize efficiency;
  • 10kW DC-to-AC inverter for grid-tie to local utility (DTE);
  • full-time data monitoring and Homeland Solar manual provided with multi-year workmanship guarantee.

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