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solar on church in Ann Arbor MI


Campus Chapel is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church to the University of Michigan. Its mission is to foster a community of students, faculty and others devoted to “loving God with heart and mind”.  In 2016, Campus Chapel installed solar able to generate 85{340979c41615f915c8d80adb94515fac867786c73ad897a341db9caaf3beb0a4} of the church’s use of electricity.  Homeland Solar has been commended for its careful work on the historic central campus church.

  • 12.1 kW Rooftop Photovoltaics (solar array)
  • 44 solar panels, each 275W DC
  • 10kW DC-to-AC Inverter
  • P300 DC power optimizers (raise efficiency in partial shade conditions)


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