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Own Your Own Power

With Homeland Solar, your power is in your hands. Request a free residential or commercial estimate. Or take a look at our Residential, Commercial and Municipal installations.

Energy Savings Are Within Your Reach

By choosing solar, you can produce your own clean energy and take advantage of federal tax credits and Net Metering while they last, at less cost than buying it from a traditional utility. A combination of price reductions, the 30% federal tax credit and advances in solar panel efficiency has made solar energy the best way to generate clean electricity while enhancing sustainable energy systems – which is helpful to planet earth.

Homeland Solar is a company of Michigan professionals with decades of experience in building, engineering and project management. Homeland’s mission is to help home-owners, business, farmers, churches and places of worship, enjoy freedom from rising utility energy bills and to take advantage of what Thomas Edison said 100 years ago:

I’d put my money on the sun
and solar energy;
what a power source!

By e-mail or by calling, let us know what your electrical use and power needs are, Homeland will work with you to assess your options for choosing solar.  We can also work with you to figure out the best way of financing your solar purchase.

To get started fill out the Free Solar Quote form for residential or for commercial/place of worship/gov. We then provide a final quote after an on-site visit.