Energy Solutions: Municipal • Commercial • Residential

Energy Savings Are Within Your Reach

A combination of major price reductions, advances in panel efficiency and new design & control efficiencies have brought photovoltaics (PV) into the mainstream of power supply.

Homeland Solar is a company of Michigan professionals with decades of experience in building, engineering and project management. An authorized installer of SolarWorld USA1 and a contractor for Michigan Saves2, Homeland’s mission is to help individuals and organizations, public and private, commercial and residential to take maximum advantage of what Thomas Edison said 100 years ago:

I’d put my money on the sun
and solar energy;
what a power source!

By e-mail or personal contact, let us know the specifics of your electrical use and power needs. We’ll assess placement and design options, and provide either a preliminary proposal or a recommendation you can act on.

Use the easy Solar Solutions Quote Form to request a quote for your business.  We can also service residential homeowners as well.  For a final quote, a site visit is required to assess electrical, placement details and distances.